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Massage Express is a Deer Valley massage service that offers ethical house call massages since 1991. Our therapists are trained in the nationally accredited Quantum Massage program, which ensures that you will receive the highest caliber experience when you book a massage with us. It is very important to us that our clients our 100% satisfied when they receive a massage from one of our therapists.

We understand that a day on the mountain, whether skiing, mountain biking or hiking, can leave you with aching muscles. Not only will our Deer Valley massage service help relieve all those aches but will also help with many other benefits for your body. A few of the other health benefits are a boost to the immune system and reduced fatigue.

Stimulation of the lymph nodes will re-charge your body’s natural defense system. Our therapists at Massage Express will offer you a massage that will promote better rest for a good night’s sleep. These are just a few of the benefits when you call us for our Deer Valley massage service, whether you are visiting or a Park City resident.

You can also release your endorphins to help elevate your mood, raise your energy level and reduce stress. The massages that we offer at Massage Express have so many benefits, you will want to come back for more. We take what we do very seriously, and we strive for you to be completely satisfied with our Deer Valley massage service. We know a day on the mountain can be tough on the body and we are here for you to enjoy a great massage in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

We offer a variety of massage services, such as Quantum massage, Quantum Thai, Hot Stone massage, four hand massage and so much more. We also offer spa services, such as glows and facials. Massage Express also offers different time allotments for our services so check out our website and choose the Deer Valley massage service that is best for you.

Read our testimonials to see what clients are saying about Massage Express. We are so happy that we have so many satisfied customers and we would like to add you to that list. If you would like to book two services such as a European facial or salt glow, we will make sure to schedule enough time for both.
Pushing your body for sport activities is a highlight for many people, whether visiting Park City or a local resident. It is also important to help your body to recover so that you can get back out there for more fun the next day.

Give us a call at 435-645-8144 and we can schedule a time for our Deer Valley massage service that works for you and we will help make sure you are ready to enjoy all that this mountain town has to offer you!

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