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No matter what your “Cup of Tea” is in massage, expect one of the best massage and body work sessions you will ever have.  Give us your feedback… we love it!!

Housecalls-4-smThe Massage Express therapist should arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled massage time to prepare and set up the necessary equipment for your house call experience. Direct the massage therapist to the space you have pre-selected and they will be ready for you in minutes.

If your time management skills are lacking and you are running late… BREATHE… RELAX… and as quickly as possible prepare for the remainder of your scheduled massage.  If the therapist is available and you desire the full massage time the additional time will be pro- rated based on current fees.

Housecalls-1-smDue to weather and other unforeseeable circumstances the massage therapist may be late from time to time.  Please call the office at 435-645-8144 if the therapist is more than 5 minutes late and we will find out what the delay is.  You will receive your full massage time if the therapist is late.

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