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Skiing is one of the best ways to enjoy winter. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a double black diamond pro, give Massage Express a call to enjoy our Park City massage service to ensure an enjoyable après ski experience.

In order to stay injury-free while enjoying days on the slope, give yourself some insurance by enjoying a Park City massage service. This is a great way to cure aching muscles and improve your athletic performance for your next day on the mountain. Let Massage Express help make your time in Park City special!

It doesn’t matter if you have been enjoying mogul runs, skiing in the trees or snow plowing on green runs, skiing can be tiresome on your body. The best way to be prepared for your next day on the mountain is a Quantum Massage by Massage Express. Our highly trained massage therapists will provide you with an in-home massage that will have your sore muscles feeling rejuvenated and ready to hit the slopes again.

Skiing can cause minor mishaps such as knee, shoulder or leg muscles. It helps if you are physically fit to avoid any accidents. It also helps if you reach out to Massage Express for our Park City massage service. We can help you avoid injuries by massaging those muscles that are tight or sore. This allows you to be in prime condition for the next day of skiing and not to add strain muscles that are fatigued from the previous day.

Working with a Park City massage service like Massage Express will promote muscle healing, which is the first benefit, but also make you more limber. This helps with tight muscles. It also improves blood flow, which keeps you warm and your muscles oxygenated. A quality massage will also increase relaxation and improve sleep quality, which of course helps the body recover.

Our massage therapists at Massage Express will target tissues and ligaments around the joints, which provides your body more mobility. All of these are benefits that optimize your skiing experience. Why not do everything you can to ensure yourself a memorable experience by giving your body a Park City massage service.

All you need to do is give us a call and we will set an appointment for your massage with Massage Express right away. Our therapists will arrive approximately five minutes ahead of time. You can show them where you want them to set up for the massage. We also offer spa services such as facials. Let us know if you would like to add this to your experience.

Call us at 435-645-8144 and we will arrange a time that works for you right away. We strive to make your time in Park City a great experience so please give us a call and we will help make sure that happens. We look forward to hearing from you soon!  

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