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We all know that massage therapy offers many health benefits, other than just a feel-good experience. Park City house call massages offer relief with low back pain, Sciatica, tension headaches, anxiety and other stress related disorders. It has become a regular part of many people’s wellbeing and not just a luxury. Let Massage Express become a part of your routine!

It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for Park City house call massages, the best way to start a massage is full relaxation. What better way to find pure relaxation than with Park City house call massages? Massage Express allows for a perfect state of bliss since you can relax the best in the comfort of your home, hotel or vacation rental.

Under these conditions, you can set your personal atmosphere exactly how you like it. Set the room temperature perfectly, choose the music you like and set the lighting to your standards. We at Massage Express understand that only you know the environment that makes you most comfortable. Our Park City house call massages will let you have everything the way you like it.

The place where you can relax the most is where you can get comfortable in your environment and focus on the massage. Our Park City house call massages will help you recharge and remove the stress of your busy day. Massage Express therapist will arrive five minutes ahead of your appointment. Just tell us where you want us to set up and we will be ready for your service within a few minutes.

When you are in a public massage therapy, you are not in control of your circumstances the way your are when you are enjoying Park City house call massages. You will be the most comfortable when you are in your own personal environment.

Massage Express understands that a massage is a very intimate experience. For some people, this can be very uncomfortable. When working with Park City house call massages, you will feel the most comfortable since you are familiar with your personal environment.

We offer multiple services besides our Quantum massages. We also offer spa services, such as European facials and salt/sugar glows. We also offer complementary Aromatherapy and complimentary foot massages. Massage Express can add any additional services before or after your Park City house call massages.

Massage Express offers all the details of our treatments and services on our website. Look and get the answers to all your questions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call us and we will answer all your questions.

We strive to exceed all our client’s expectations and we are sure we can offer you a service that you will be happy with. Just give us a call at 435-645-8144 and we will find a time that works for you. We want to make your time in Park City special so call us and let’s get you one of our Park City house call massages very soon!

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