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Injuries are a skier’s worst nightmare. So many people make extensive plans for an expensive ski trip and they end up with an injury that curtails the trip. Sometimes the injury happens on the ski trip, which not only ruins the experience but also means you must work with an unknown doctor and could be a very pricey event. Massage Express is here to help with a Park City home massage.

When having to deal with pain and limited mobility after injury is frustrating and exhausting. Anything you can do to avoid this is worth the effort and Massage Express is here to help with their excellent Park City home massage.

We offer a professional in-home massage that will help with a skier’s muscles that have been maxed out after a long ski day. The chances of injury increase with high performing athletes and our Park City home massage will lower the risk of injury and help ensure a great experience. Massage Express offers highly trained massage therapists who will listen to your concerns and work on the areas that you feel need the extra work.

It is very important to take care of injuries as they happen because to ignore them and continue to exercise can cause serious injury that can be long lasting. Massage Express specializes in Quantum therapy, which is a very time efficient, comprehensive massage system that utilizes the basic concepts from common massage modalities and creates an exceptional experience. When you enjoy our Park City home massage, you will be another satisfied customer.

We at Massage Express strive for our customers to be happy and our customers have shared their enjoyment with our Park City home massage. The testimonials on our website shows that many of our guests feel that this was their best massage experience. We want to make you one of our happy clients!

We also offer spa treatments such as European facials and salt/sugar glows. We can add this service to your Park City home massage. Just let us know what works for you! Our hours are 9 am-9 pm. We will find a time that works for you and set up an appointment. Our massage therapists will arrive approximately 5 mins ahead of schedule. You can show the therapist where to set up for the treatment.

At the end of a long ski day, there is nothing nicer than enjoying a Park City home massage instead of getting in your car and heading to a spa or office location. Why drive on a cold afternoon and deal with ski traffic, when you can let Massage Express come to you?

Just give us a call at 435-645-8144. We offer a large variety of services so let us find out what works best for you. Massage Express looks forward to seeing you soon!

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