Ethical Massage is one of the oldest healing professions in the world.  It dates back over 5000 years and was considered to be the most important healing art practiced and studied by physicians of the time.

massageAlthough the Western world turned its back on massage at the turn of the 20th century, massage or touch is re-emerging again in the 21st century and is proving to be one of the most powerful healing tools on the planet.  Just think about it… whenever you have an ache or pain the most natural instinctive thing to do is to touch or rub the area to obtain relief.

Massage, especially when combined with a comprehensive holistic lifestyle, is one of the most valuable, natural healing gifts that we can give to ourselves on a regular basis to assist us in obtaining vibrant health, well being, and zest for life.


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by Angelika on Mass Express

I've been using Massage Express ever since we bought a condo in Deer Valley in 1998. It's the absolute best place to book a massage and so over... view more

by D.K. From LA on Mass Express

Three words say it all: SIMPLY THE BEST.

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