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About Us

Massage Express mission:

“To Enliven, Enlighten, Uplift, and Enrich Ourselves and Those We Touch”

Massage Express is Park City and Deer Valley’s premiere House Call ethical massage service.  In 1991, before the word “Spa” rippled through mainstream America and the minds of the Park City and Deer Valley visitor, Massage Express began its quest to provide high caliber massage coupled with a deluxe, high end “deliver to your door” service for the ultimate in relaxation, pleasure and benefit.

One of the key ingredients we attribute to our ongoing success is our nationally accredited Quantum Massage training programs that must be taken by every therapist who works with Massage Express.  This training program has proven to increase the caliber, consistency and quality of massage. The feedback we hear from the over 200 therapists who have worked with Massage Express is consistent “Quantum Massage has definitely increased the caliber, consistency and quality of my massage”.  Equally important as the feedback from therapists is the feedback from 1000’s of professional clients who have had massage all over the world…”Quantum Massage is an exceptional high caliber massage that can rival the best of the best!”

Massage Express is a member of the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Park City Lodging Association

Meet The Owners

Both the owners are experienced massage therapists who have a deep passion for the quality of body work Massage Express offers each and every client.  They also have immense dedication to right relationships with each other, the therapists they work with and the hotels and lodging companies they have done business with through the years.

Pamela Andersen is a native of Utah and is the one of the co-owner and founders of Massage Express.  Pamela has been actively practicing massage since 1985 and continues to this day to stay focused and committed to excellence in Massage.  Her teaching, healing, creativity and innovative technology in massage have helped to keep Massage Express a viable 21st century business with an unbeatable reputation for over 17 years.

Aldena Brown is also co-owner and founder of Massage Express.  She graduated with the first massage class at the Myo-therapy Institute of Utah in 1988. She directs most of her energy, wisdom and experience into the inner workings and the day to day operations of the company.   During the peak winter season you will find Aldena at the helm of Massage Express where she draws upon her expert abilities to organize and manage 30 massage therapists and over 1500 massage bookings a month.

About Our Service

All Massage Express Therapists come right to your door with a heated massage table, linens, music, complementary Aromatherapy. All you have to do is direct the therapist to a quite environment for maximum relaxation…the therapist will do all the rest to insure you have a premium experience in House call massage and body work.

Massage Therapist Information

Without a team of therapists Massage Express would not be what it is today.  Massage Express relies on this organization of professional men and women to provide not only a great massage service but to provide some of the best massage in the world.

Therapist qualifications include:
LMT Licensed
Nationally Certified
Professional experience
Desire and dedication to becoming the best
800 hours complete massage schooling
40 hours complete Quantum Massage training
Good communication skills
Good bedside manner

People Are Talking!

I've been using Massage Express ever since we bought a condo in Deer Valley in 1998. It's the absolute best place to book a massage and so over... view more

Three words say it all: SIMPLY THE BEST.

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